Can You Be a Promotional Or Trade Show Model?

Published: 21st July 2009
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Have you ever been to a trade show and seen attractive girls working in the booths or been approached by pretty girls in a bar or nightclub with drink samples? If you have, then you have seen promotional models. This type of modeling is the easiest type to get into. The only real requirements to be a promotional model are to have an attractive look and an outgoing personality. The key here is that you are going to be interacting with people and "promoting" (that's why it's called promotional modeling) a product or service. Let's be clear about one thing - many models make their living from promotional modeling. This type of modeling typically pays about $250 a day (for 8 hours), or $25 to $30 an hour. Although there is no height requirement it is usually best to start this type of modeling at 21 years of age in order to be able to work in the largest number of venues. Many modeling agencies have special promotional modeling divisions, or if none are available, (or want you), you can always find promotional jobs on Craigslist. If you are going to submit to an agency with a promotional modeling division make sure your pictures are a bit more on the glamorous side and show you body. In big cities there are promotional modeling jobs going on every week. In smaller cities it is obviously more part time.

When you do a job through an agency they will invoice the client and otherwise make the payment arrangements. Be aware, however, that when you do these jobs freelance you are on your own in getting paid. This can be a problem when the person or company you are working for has flown into town for a few days to try and drum up sales for its new idea on a shoestring budget. Make sure you get paid either up front or at the end of the event - before they leave the building or event. This must be agreed upon before you start, in addition to whether they are going to pay for your parking - which can be substantial at convention centers and other high traffic locations, and/or lunch etc. Although it is not unusual for clients to hold auditions in the hotel room they are staying in, do not go unescorted to private rooms or out of the way places to meet clients. Any legitimate client will be sensitive to safety concerns and appearances. If they are not - forget it.

And now a word about wardrobe. One of the unique aspects of promo modeling is that sometimes you will be asked to wear special outfits. It's simply part of this business. If it's a bar or nightclub promotion one might guess that the outfits are usually more sexy and body revealing. If this is not your type of outfit then you are not going to be doing these promotions. On the other hand, there are many women who are perfectly comfortable in these types of outfits and can interact with confidence and pleasantness while wearing them. Sexy outfits are not always the case, and in many trade show booth jobs you will simply be wearing normal business attire. Remember it is not an either/or situation. Yes, you will make the most money by working all the jobs offered to you, however, if you are not comfortable in the sexier outfits then simply don't do them. Just let your agency know the types of jobs you prefer, and/or only select the Craigslist or internet jobs you are comfortable with.

Promotional modeling jobs have also led to other career opportunities in sales, product spokesperson, and management positions. Wherever promotional modeling leads a person it can be a good source of extra income without all the ridged requirements of high fashion or print modeling.

For more questions on promotional modeling or to hire professional promotional models, contact the author Fred Sweet, President of San Diego Model Management, one of the most trusted names in modeling on the West Coast. or

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